Flagship Summer Program

This is an intensive program tailored for Flagship students to enhance proficiency in all aspects of Chinese language in a condensed time period within 8 weeks. There are 1.5 hours of class lecture, 1.5 hours of drill class in the morning and 1 hour of one-on-one class in the afternoon. The program also includes educational activities such as field trips, cultural classes, a keynote speech, a company visit, Chinese table activities, and language partner activities. The instructional hours are 152 hours and the hours of activities are approximately 48 hours.
Our courses and activities are primarily conducted in Chinese, and the design of our program requires students to be proactive and take the initiative to participate in all activities. We are committed to provide a proficiency-based learning environment for Flagship students to achieve the goal of enhancing Chinese language proficiency and cultivating cultural competence.
Program Date: June 21- August 13, 2021 (Application Period: February 14- February 28)

Immersion Outcomes Improve Chinese proficiency level at least one sub-level & Develop cultural competence *Please note: The class time is subject to change. The official schedule will be announced when the program starts. MTC has the right to adjust the schedule when faced with weather irregularities, natural disasters and uncontrollable factors, which may affect the safety of the students during their stay at MTC. Assessment 1. Dictation quizzes, weekly exams (written tests or oral presentations), and weekly essays/articles 2. Final Assignment: a written report and an oral presentation 3. Participation and attendances of all classes and program activities Transcript, Credit and Grade Equivalencies The grades on MTC’s transcript will appear as percentage grades. The grade equivalency and credit transfer will be determined by student’s home institution. After successfully completing the program, and with the concerns of COVID-19 and relevant border control measures, MTC will email an official scanned copy of transcript to the student. The average processing time is 2-3 weeks. Tuition Fee: USD4,800 Important Notes: 1. The fee includes textbooks, handouts, field trips, culture classes, keynote speech, an online speech, and accident insurance. 2. The fee excludes international airfare, housing, daily meals, and the costs (meals, tickets, and transportation) of Chinese Table Activity and Language Partner Activity, and the relevant costs of COVID-19 quarantine. 3. The minimum program size is 25 students, if the final student number registered in the program is below 25, the program will be cancelled. Eligibility/Prerequisites Flagship students with overall composite proficiency level at or above the intermediate-mid level, equivalent to 3- 4 years of college-level Chinese.
Application, Admission, and Payment 1. Complete Application Form by Sunday, February 28 (Taiwan Time) and email to the program coordinator: yijuchen@ntnu.edu.tw(Ms Chen). *Items required:  application form  a digital photo  a scanned copy of most recent transcript (please attached as file in the email)  a scanned copy of valid passport information page (please attached as file in the email) 2. Admission decisions and admission letters will be announced on Friday, March 12 (Taiwan Time). If you decide not to attend the program, please send an email to the program coordinator: yijuchen@ntnu.edu.tw (Ms Chen) by Wednesday, March 17 (Taiwan Time). 3. Once you are admitted and have decided to attend MTC’s program, please make the tuition payment: Fee Amount Due Date (Taiwan Time) Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit USD500 Tuesday, March 30 Tuition USD4,300 Friday, June 4 Important Notes: I. Please make the payments via wire transfer (either online transfer or in-branch bank transfer) II. You are also required to email the proofs of deposit and tuition payment to yijuchen@ntnu.edu.tw (Ms Chen) by payment due dates. The proof of payment can be a receipt (either a scan, a photo, or a PDF) from the bank or a screenshot (clearly shows amount, your name, account number, and the bank’s name) from your online bank. 4. Complete MTC Online Reading and Listening Assessment Test: Once you have completed the tuition payment, MTC will send you an email notice of Online Reading and Listening Assessment Test. The test is required to complete by Saturday, April 10 (Taiwan Time). On the first day of program, all students are required to take an Online Oral Assessment Test. Students’ class placements will be determined by the comprehensive assessment of Online Reading and Listening Assessment Test and Online Oral Assessment Test.
Option A: MTC can help with booking Taipei Teachers’ Hostel (MTC will only help with booking two-person rooms, so applicants are required to share the room with others, and the period of stay is scheduled by MTC). The reservation quota is 24 students (Female: 12; Male: 12). The reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis. The booking period is from March 19 to March 29 (Taiwan Time). If you would like to stay at Taipei Teachers’ Hostel, please send an email (provide your FULL Name and passport number) to yijuchen@ntnu.edu.tw. Payment Method: Students are required to make direct payment to the hotel; MTC does NOT handle any hotel payment/deposit. Taipei Teachers’ Hostel website: http://www.tth.url.tw/ Room Type Price Check-in & Check-out Dates (Taiwan Time) Two-person room  NTD800 night/room (including daily breakfasts)  If there is an odd number of tenants, there will be one person staying alone in a room. The price will be adjusted to NTD1,600 night/room accordingly.  Check-in Date: Saturday, July 3, 14:00p.m.  Check-out Date: Saturday, August 14, 11:00a.m.  Period of Stay: 42 nights Option B: You may look for other private housing at: http://www.mtc.ntnu.edu.tw/eng/rent.html.
COVID-19 Quarantine Policy and the relevant Costs In response to COVID-19, Taiwan CDC has announced that anyone entering Taiwan from overseas is required to undertake 14 days (the 14 days of quarantine is counted from the day after arriving, so the actual quarantine period is 15 days) of mandatory supervised quarantine at a designated qualified hotel. Program participants are required to follow this protocol and pay for the quarantine period: 1. The cost of the quarantine hotel (the room rate ranges from NTD2,000 to NTD5,000 per person per day. All room rates include daily meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner) 2. The transportation fees (approx. NTD2,000-5,000 per person) 3. Other possible medical related costs (there could be other costs associated with testing after the quarantine) *Please note: I. MTC follows Taiwan CDC’s prevention policy and regulations. We will update the CDC’s latest changes of policy and regulations via email and/or website announcement. II. The cost of the quarantine hotel must be paid in full upon booking to confirm the reservation. III. The participants are required to arrive in Taiwan on Friday, June 18 (Taiwan Time), and to undertake 14 days of quarantine from June 19-July 2 and 7 days of self-health management from July 3-July 9.