Student Volunteers

The International Volunteer Team

A chance to assist the MTC and help foreign students learn how to adapt and overcome challenges with living in Taiwan.

Approximately 40 to 50 volunteers

From countries all over the world.

From countries all over the world

including: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Panama, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Provide assistance

Volunteers will be able to use their bilingual or trilingual ability.

Introduction to and sharing of experiences via the Internet (LINE)

Lets volunteers keep in touch and share experiences.

Provide assistance

Each volunteer can use their bilingual or trilingual ability.

Highlights of being a volunteer

  1. Can receive consultation on available services: Can receive consultation on MTC related business.
  2. Can receive and share experience: A system of senior students sharing their experiences with learning and volunteering.
  3. Introduction to and sharing of experiences via the Internet (LINE): An online volunteer group is created every academic quarter providing interested volunteers a way to meet senior students and get to know incoming volunteers. This also lets volunteers keep in touch and share experiences.
  4. Certification of volunteering experience: Once finished with volunteering, students can (following verification of the volunteer's records) obtain an MTC certificate of volunteering (in English).


  1. Enrolled in MTC for at least 1 term
  2. Passionate and responsible
  3. Eager to experience other cultures
  4. No skills needed, but should to be willing to help and work with others


  1. Certificate and MTC souvenir
  2. Volunteering hours can be counted as supplementary class hours
  3. Free tickets to school events

Volunteer tasks

  1. Assist new students with registration:Provide consultation/guidance service; help answer questions from new students.
  2. Assist with Orientation Day
    Distribute information packets to new students, and monitor the auditorium during the Orientation presentation.
    Following the presentation, lead new students on a tour of the MTC's facilities.
    Take pictures, sort documents/records.
  3. Assist with translation
    Assist with the translation of teaching and/or promotional materials.
    Use one's mother tongue to help teachers and students resolve language-related communication issues in the classroom.
  4. Assist with activities
    Receive foreign guests.
    Assist with the preparation and operation of large-scale activities.