MTC Biannuals

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MTC Binannual

MTC Biannual was originally established in 1968.
In 1997, in order to reinforce the creative and scholarly aspects of the journal, the quarterly publication was revised as an Arts and Culture magazine, with the new MTC Biannual introduced as a bimonthly publication to encourage healthy exchange with all other disciplines.
In 2005, to aid the professional growth of teachers, the bulletin was re-launched in its original quarterly format, continuing from publication No.63.
In 2012, in an effort to promote a richer variety of content, the publication reverted back to a biannual circulation.

Submission Instructions

  1. MTC Biannual is published every April and October. Submission is open all year round.
  2. Articles in the publication cover areas such as [encounters with celebrities], [frontline education], [specialized projects], [specialized planning] (creative lesson plans), [fruits of your labor] (student essays), etc.; all articles should be related to the educational field, and cannot have been submitted, published or featured in any other publication.
  3. Each article should not exceed 3000 words.
  4. Contributors are responsible for their own work featured in the publication.
  5. Once the article is published in MTC Biannual, copyright will be owned by the publication; without prior written permission, reprinting will not be permitted.
  6. Once published, a remuneration to the amount of NT$870 per one thousand words.
  7. To contribute your article, please download and fill in the submission form, then send it via e-mail to the MTC Biannual Editor:
We welcome and encourage all CFL teachers and international students to submit their papers to MTC Biannual ! Together we can share our experiences and improve the Chinese learning environment.