Other Courses

MTC Themed Course

Chinese Oral Practice

Class levels range from beginner to intermediate (intermediate applicants should have taken more than 400 hours of Chinese classes before)

Chinese Business Conversation

Fluent Chinese to help you manage work and relationships!

Class hours

Twice a week for 8 weeks, 32 hours in total
Class A: Monday & Wednesday, 4:20pm~6:10pm / 6:30pm~8:20pm
Class B: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:20pm~6:10 / 6:30pm~8:20pm

Class date

Class A:2019/3/18
Class B:2019/3/19

Exam Preparation for TOCFL

  1. Let our experienced teachers teach you the keys to solving test questions!
  2. Equal emphasis on listening and reading
  3. Mock exam practices

Class hours

3 classes a week; 16 classes in total
every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:20pm to 6:10pm

Class date


Tuition fee

(exclusive of registration fee and cost of teaching materials; non-MTC students need to pay a registration fee of NT$1,000)

Application deadline



(02)7734-5137 (Office 612, Desk 7)
(02)7734-5119 (Office 612, Desk 8)
(02)7734-5140 (Office 612, Desk 2)