Work Permit



  1. 持有研習中文的居留證
    Holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for studying Chinese
  2. 連續就讀語言中心滿六個月
    Study in the language center continuously for six months
  3. 前一學季單一月份缺課不得超過12小時或成績不得低於60分
    Absence hours in a single month of the previous semesters shall not exceed 12 hours or the score shall not be lower than 60 points

應備文件(請掃描成PDF檔案) Required documents (Scan as PDF file)

  1. 護照 Passport
  2. 學生證 Student card
  3. 居留證 ARC
  4. 在學證明書 Certificate of enrollment
  5. 學生學習成績記錄單 Attendance record
  6. 郵局劃撥收據 Post office payment receipt
Online application


Online application: Work Permit Application Network for Foreign Professionals
Application process

申請流程 Application process

  1. 請自行上“外國專業人員工作許可申辦網”申請。系統操作及內容填寫請務必參照附檔
    Please go to the "Foreign Professional Work Permit Application Website" to apply.
    Please refer to the attached file for system operation and content filling
  2. 填寫完畢後請填寫google form 並上傳劃撥收據
    After filling out, please fill in the google form and upload the payment receipt Google form:
  3. 學校審核為七個工作日
    Seven working days for school review
  4. 等待學校收到工作證後電郵通知
    Wait for the email notification after the school receives the work permit
  5. 到MTC辦公室領取
    Pick up at the MTC office

For the relevant regulations on the work permit of the Ministry of Labor, please refer to: