Introduction to Mandarin Training Center


Located on the 5th to 10th floors of Bo-ai Building on NTNU campus, the MTC provides many learning facilities for students, including: 73 classrooms, a library, an auditorium (holds up to 300 people), culture classrooms, language labs for listening, speaking, reading and writing practices, a multi-media classroom (for online Chinese tests), computer rooms (with 64 computers connected to broadband internet), a conference room, a cuisine classroom, a student lounge, and wireless Connection. On the ground floor, there is an outdoor cafe for students to enjoy their leisure time.

500:Culture classroom

501, 502:Language labs(for listening, speaking, reading and writing practices)

503:Multi-media classroom(for online Chinese test)

504:Auditorium(holds up to 300 people)

713:Conference room

7F:Cuisine classroom

706:Student lounge