Lost and Found

Lost and Found Policy

  1. If you find an item, please submit the item to the Student Counseling Devision at MTC and fill out the Lost&Found form.
  2. We will inform the owner or post the info online if we can not identify the owner.
  3. All lost items will be stored until the owner comes to claim it.
  4. Owners should sign their name after claiming their items.
  5. If you have lost something, please fill out a form at the Student Counseling Division, and we will notify you if the item is returned.

If nobody claims the item

  1. Items which are not claimed within 6 months will be returned to the person who found them.
  2. If the person who found the item does not want it, it will be consider waste. We will deal with it accordingly.
  3. This policy has been approved by the director.